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Last active September 3, 2016 15:35
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re-frame debug sub macro
;; A macro that replaces reg-sub, it inserts debug print statements into reg-sub if a flag of choice is set
;; Developed since 0.8.0 does not work with re-frame-tracer
;; Use it by replacing re-frame.core/reg-sub with this macro
(defmacro reg-sub [label & sub]
(let [fun (last sub)
arg (get-in (vec fun) [1 1 1])
[before after] (split-at 2 fun)
new-fun (concat before [`(js/console.log "Sub: " [~label ~arg])] after)]
(if (= "true" env/PRODUCTION) ;; Or whatever way you want to disable this, may also be done by replacing js/console.log above
~@(drop-last sub)
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