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Instructions to workaround issue with Parity wallet transferring tokens purchased during ICO (tested on Mac)

PROBLEM: Investors who purchased MCO (Monaco) tokens during the ICO, using a Parity wallet, face an issue transferring those tokens. It appears that parity is failing to automatically create a new ERC20 token (let's called it NMCO) after Monaco performed a 'token reissuance' after the ICO closed, but before it was listed on Bitrex (untransferable period). As a consequence, all attempts to send MCO tokens (purchased during ICO) from Parity to Bittrex fails. This is presumably because the tokens Parity is trying to send are the 'dead' MCO tokens, not the new 'NMCO' tokens.

This process allows a user to send 'NMCO' tokens to Bittrex for trading. NOTE: Parity still does not show the 'NMCO' tokens, even though the transaction has defintely worked.

  1. Backup Parity keys to file from terminal (creates zip file on desktop) - STORE THEM SOMEWHERE SECURE (don't recommend leaving on desktop)
$ cd $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/io.parity.ethereum/keys && tar czf $HOME/Desktop/parity-keys-backup.tgz * && cd - && cd -
  1. Launch MyEtherWallet (
  2. Unzip the file saved on the desktop
  3. In MyEtherWallet, select "Keystore File (UTC / JSON)", then "Select Wallet File" and navigate to the correct 'wallet' file, in the unzipped directory - something like /ethereum/UTC--2017...
  4. Enter your parity wallet password when prompted

At this point, you should see on the right, a balance of MCO tokens. NOTE: These are the 'dead' tokens

  1. Click the 'Add Custom Token' button
  2. Input the following details:
  • Address: 0xB63B606Ac810a52cCa15e44bB630fd42D8d1d83d
  • Symbol: NMCO (doesn't matter what you put here, just don't enter MCO)
  • Decimals: 8
  1. You should now see a balance of 'NMCO' tokens on the right

  2. Get your bittrex 'MCO' wallet address

  3. In MyEtherWallet, click "Send Ether & Tokens", repeat step 4 and 5

  4. IMPORTANT: Choose 'NMCO' (or whatever you called it) in the "Amount to Send" dropdown. Tested using a gas limit of 200,000. Send a small amount of 'NMCO' to test.

  5. Post the transaction and monitor to confirm success (should appear in a few minutes in Bittrex wallet)

  6. Your 'NMCO' balance in MyEtherWallet will have reduced by the amount you sent. When you look at your wallet in Parity, you can see the transaction, but it will not update the UI with the 'NMCO' tokens (still just shows old balance of 'dead' MCO tokens.

Thank you very much! Very useful!


viklas commented Jul 2, 2017

No problem. Should point out...don't leave parity keys sitting around after you back them up. (just in case someone wants to sue me later).

trappist commented Jul 2, 2017

Confirmed working, thanks!

soeredj commented Jul 3, 2017

For who installed this on windows you can find the JSON key file at:

vitaminR commented Sep 4, 2017

How can i remove the dead MCO tokens from my parity. (OCD)


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