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Demo code of building token button in SwiftUI
struct TokenButton {
var buttonLabel: TokenButtonLabel
var buttonStyle: TokenButtonStyle
// Circle Button
private var circleBtnType: CircleBtnType! = .primary
private var circleBtnIcon: String! = "circle-plus"
init(circleButtonType: CircleBtnType, buttonIcon: String) {
// --snip--
// Icon Button
private var iconBtnType: IconBtnType! = .action
private var iconBtnIcon: String! = "upload"
/// Icon Button
init(iconButtonType: IconBtnType = .tool, buttonIcon: String) {
// --snip--
// Capsule Button
private var capsuleBtnText: String! = "Save"
init(capsuleText: String) {
// --snip--
// Text Button
private var textBtnText: String! = "select"
init(buttonText: String) {
// --snip--
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