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Vinicius Arantes viniciusbig

  • CI&T
  • Campinas - SP - Brazil
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viniciusbig /
Created Sep 11, 2020
Chrome Snipet to save console log into files
(function(console){ = function(data, filename){
if(!data) {
console.error(' No data')
if(!filename) filename = 'console.json'
viniciusbig / get-comments.js
Created Sep 11, 2020
Chrome snippet to get HTML comments with jQuery
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jQuery.fn.comments = function( blnDeep ){
var blnDeep = (blnDeep || false);
var jComments = $( [] );
// Loop over each node to search its children for
// comment nodes and element nodes (if deep search).
function( intI, objNode ){
var objChildNode = objNode.firstChild;
var strParentID = $( this ).attr( "id" );
viniciusbig / trakt.php
Created May 8, 2022
A simple PHP class for accessing the Trakt API
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* A simple class for accessing the Trakt API. You can use it like so:
* $trakt = new Trakt("You API Key");
* $trakt->showSeasons("The Walking Dead", true);
* You can view the list of available API methods here:
* To call a method, such as "search/movies", the ``Trakt`` class will respond
* to the corresponding method name "searchMovies". So, in the above example, the