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sizeof(basic_parser) == 136
'i' number_double_huge_neg_exp accept
'i' number_huge_exp accept
'i' number_neg_int_huge_exp accept
'i' number_pos_double_huge_exp accept
'i' number_real_neg_overflow accept
'i' number_real_pos_overflow accept
'i' number_real_underflow accept
'i' number_too_big_neg_int reject
'i' number_too_big_pos_int reject
'i' number_very_big_negative_int reject
'i' object_key_lone_2nd_surrogate reject
'i' string_1st_surrogate_but_2nd_missing reject
'i' string_1st_valid_surrogate_2nd_invalid reject
'i' string_incomplete_surrogates_escape_valid reject
'i' string_incomplete_surrogate_and_escape_valid reject
'i' string_incomplete_surrogate_pair reject
'i' string_invalid_lonely_surrogate reject
'i' string_invalid_surrogate reject
'i' string_invalid_utf-8 accept
'i' string_inverted_surrogates_U+1D11E reject
'i' string_iso_latin_1 accept
'i' string_lone_second_surrogate reject
'i' string_lone_utf8_continuation_byte accept
'i' string_not_in_unicode_range accept
'i' string_overlong_sequence_2_bytes accept
'i' string_overlong_sequence_6_bytes accept
'i' string_overlong_sequence_6_bytes_null accept
'i' string_truncated-utf-8 accept
'i' string_UTF-16LE_with_BOM reject
'i' string_UTF-8_invalid_sequence accept
'i' string_utf16BE_no_BOM reject
'i' string_utf16LE_no_BOM reject
'i' string_UTF8_surrogate_U+D800 accept
'i' structure_500_nested_arrays accept
'i' structure_UTF-8_BOM_empty_object reject
235ms, 1 suite, 1 case, 1756 tests total, 0 failures
The program '[0x2AC8] json-tests.exe' has exited with code 0 (0x0).
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