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[Sublime Text] Enable resetting font size to a predefined default value.
{ "keys": ["super+0"], "command": "reset_font_size_to_user_defaults" }
"default_font_size": 10
import sublime
import sublime_plugin
class ResetFontSizeToUserDefaultsCommand(sublime_plugin.ApplicationCommand):
def run(self):
s = sublime.load_settings("Preferences.sublime-settings")
if s.has('default_font_size'):
s.set('font_size', s.get('default_font_size'))

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@mcardle mcardle commented Feb 16, 2015

You have a typo in the python name:

Should be:

// Ulrik McArdle


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@SusanthCom SusanthCom commented Sep 15, 2017

@mcardle that file name spelling mistake you mentioned; helped me 👍

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