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Tutorial App part 5 - register.html
<h1 class="title">Registration</h1>
<div class="buttons">
<button class="button button-assertive" ng-click="closeRegister()">Close</button>
<ion-content class="padding">
<form ng-submit="doRegistration()" class="list">
<label class="item item-input">
<span class="input-label">Usename</span>
<input type="text" ng-model="registerData.username">
<label class="item item-input">
<span class="input-label">Email</span>
<input type="email" ng-model="">
<label class="item item-input">
<span class="input-label">Password</span>
<input type="password" ng-model="registerData.password">
<button class="button button-block button-balanced" type="submit">Register</button>
<div class="card" ng-show="registerError" ng-repeat="error in registerError">
<div class="item item-text-wrap assertive">
<i class="icon ion-alert-circled"></i>
<span ng-bind-html="error"></span>
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