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app_identifier "com.SandeepM.app1" # The bundle identifier of your app
apple_id "" # Your Apple email address
team_id "[[DEV_PORTAL_TEAM_ID]]" # Developer Portal Team ID
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SCHEME = "App1"
BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER = "com.SandeepM.app1"
APP_NAME = "App1"
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# Autogenerated by fastlane
# Ensure this file is checked in to source control!
gem 'fastlane-plugin-versioning'
gem 'fastlane-plugin-trainer'
View Fastfile-Testflight-Medium
default_platform :ios
puts "Upload to Testflight"
fastlane_require 'dotenv'
fastlane_require 'trainer'
ENV['FASTLANE_XCODEBUILD_SETTINGS_RETRIES'] = "120" // this is required to run to retry the xcode build job to retry if fails
//avoid hardcoding password try to access the password from Jenkins environment variable script
View GetVowels_objC.m
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@interface FindVowels
-(int) findVowel:(int)x;
@implementation FindVowels
-(int) findVowel:(char)x {
if(x >= 97)