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Created February 22, 2017 23:13
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digraph architecture {
// Storage - #303F9F (dark blue)
node[fillcolor="#303F9F" style="filled" fontcolor="white"];
database[label="DB"]; cache[label="Redis"];
// Client-side Apps - #FFEB3B (yellow)
node[fillcolor="#FFEB3B" style="filled" fontcolor="black"];
front_end[label="Front-end App"]; extension[label="Browser Extension"];
// Microservices - #C8E6C9 (light green)
node[fillcolor="#C8E6C9" style="filled" fontcolor="black"];
photos_ms[label="Photos MS"]; chats_ms[label="Chats MS"]; friends_ms[label="Friends MS"];
// API Gateways - #FFCCBC (light orange)
node[fillcolor="#FFCCBC" style="filled" fontcolor="black"];
auth_api[label="Auth API"]; my_app_api[label="Main API"];
// 3rd-party APIs - #CFD8DC (light grey)
node[fillcolor="#CFD8DC" style="filled" fontcolor="black"];
facebook_api[label="Facebook API"];
subgraph client_side_apps {
front_end -> {auth_api, my_app_api};
extension -> {auth_api, my_app_api};
{rank=same; front_end, extension, auth_api};
subgraph api_gateways {
my_app_api -> {photos_ms, chats_ms, friends_ms};
subgraph microservices {
photos_ms -> {database};
chats_ms -> {database, cache};
friends_ms -> {database, facebook_api};
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anitsh commented Apr 25, 2021

Any full implementation demo code example? 😃

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