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@voidlily voidlily/clickerheroes.clj
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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Clicker Heroes ancient levels calculator
#!/usr/bin/env lein-exec
;;; Ancient calculator based on the following links
;;; Usage: clickerheroes.clj <siylatas level> <optimal zone>
;;; optimal zone is the zone where your gilded hero stops one shotting
;;; early game is until atlas
;;; mid game starts at atlas/terra and goes until banana
;;; late game is lilin onwards
(require '[clojure.pprint :refer (print-table)])
(let [siyalatas (Integer/parseInt (nth *command-line-args* 1))
optimal-zone (Integer/parseInt (nth *command-line-args* 2))
argaiv siyalatas
gold (* 0.93 siyalatas)
click (* 0.5 siyalatas)
juggernaut (* 0.2 click)
solomon-early siyalatas
solomon-mid (* siyalatas 0.75)
solomon-late (* siyalatas 0.5)
iris-mid (- solomon-mid 300)
iris-late (- optimal-zone 1001)
morgulis (Math/pow (+ siyalatas 22) 2)
values (array-map
:siyalatas (int siyalatas)
:argaiv (int siyalatas)
:libertas (int gold)
:mammon (int gold)
:mimzee (int gold)
:iris-mid (int iris-mid)
:iris-late (int iris-late)
:morgulis (int morgulis)
:solomon-early (int solomon-early)
:solomon-mid (int solomon-mid)
:solomon-late (int solomon-late)
:bhaal (int click)
:fragsworth (int click)
:pluto (int click)
:juggernaut (int juggernaut))
records (map
(fn [x]
(let [[name level] x]
{:name name :level level}))
(print-table records))
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