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@voidproc voidproc/hqx.cpp

Created Nov 8, 2016
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#include <Siv3D.hpp>
// hqx :
extern "C" {
#include "hqx.h"
void Main()
Image imgSrc(L"s3dkundot.png");
Image imgDst(imgSrc.size * 3);
StopwatchMicrosec stopwatch(true);
hq3x_32((uint32_t*), (uint32_t*), imgSrc.width, imgSrc.height);
const Texture texSrc(imgSrc);
const Texture texDst(imgDst);
while (System::Update())
texSrc.draw(10, 30).drawFrame();
texDst.draw(10 + texSrc.width + 10, 30).drawFrame();
PutText(, L" msec").from(10, 0);
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