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open System.IO
open System.Text.RegularExpressions
//__SOURCE_DIRECTORY__ is a keyword that represents the working directory in the commandline
let sourceDirectory = __SOURCE_DIRECTORY__
let fileNames = Directory.GetFiles sourceDirectory
printf "%s" sourceDirectory
//fsi.CommandLineArgs is the list of command line arguments
// [file.fsx; arg1; arg2]
let args : string array = fsi.CommandLineArgs |> Array.tail
// the regex pattern to be replaced
let pattern :string = args.[0]
printf "%s" pattern
//the text we want it to be replaced to
let replacement :string = args.[1]
printf "%s" replacement
//the array of files to be renamed
let filesToBeRenamed =
|> Array.filter (fun s -> s.Contains pattern)
//the array of files with the name we would like them to have
let renamedFiles =
|> (fun t -> Regex.Replace (t, pattern, replacement))
//zip together and rename filesToBeRenamed renamedFiles
|> Array.iter (fun (s,t) -> File.Move (s,t))
|> ignore
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