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Bork feedback

Tested with Mac OSX Mavericks on a late 2011 MBP

My testing approach has been to erase a partition and install fresh Mavericks onto it. Run the scripts, tweak and then tear down and reinstall on the partition.

Some general thoughts:

  • if bork doesn't stop for errors, it should probably aggregate them and output post-flight
  • output can be very noisy if running scripts comingled (maybe I shouldn't be doing that though)
  • confused about what ok destination does in conjunction with ok symlink

Should probably be a bug report:

  • ok brew by itself doesn't install brew (though looking at the source, this bit appears to be commented out). It does check for it's presence though, once installed.

Should probably be a feature request:

  • I'd love to have a generic way to run a task that just looks for 0 or non-0 exits and cleans up the output (could go toward making the output less noisy when it's appropriate to drop to scripting)
  • what do you think about an scutil type (setting hostname is all I'm currently doing)?

Overall using bork has been very pleasant and straightforward. Thanks for the work :)


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@mattly mattly commented Jul 13, 2014

thanks for this, I love getting a fresh perspective on this project.

  1. I put in an issue for the error aggregation thing.
  2. I know the output is noisy, but it generally hasn't been an issue for me, I just read the scrollback. Typically when something is updated (especially from git) I like to read the output and know what's changed. Perhaps a flag for verbosity?
  3. destination isn't an assertion, it's a declaration. The idea is that it's a way of saying "use this directory as the target directory" without actually changing the working directory. It's always been a bit problematic, and I'm beginning to think it shouldn't be there.
  4. Symlinks have been problematic for me as well; the dotfiles thing is literally the only place I use them. Turns out I had a problem in my own config. Derp.
  5. I think I mentioned this in the DM, but "ok brew" has been broken for the install (see ). I've been meaning to sit down and fix this, and I think with the reworking of "bake" a while back I've solved the string interpolation issue. I'll try it soon.
  6. Hm, any idea what this might look like?
ok exec "[ -d $HOME ]"

Where, on failure, it'd capture exit code, stdout and stderr, and put that with the error report?

  1. I actually did not know about scutil. Seems like it's useful, and wrapping this would be straightforward. Something like this?
ok scutil ComputerName fred

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@voxdolo voxdolo commented Jul 17, 2014

Understood on 1-5

ok exec and ok scutil as you describe are exactly what I'd want :)

Thanks again for bork, it's been a pleasure to work with!

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