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Parse the ratings of a series from IMDB (see
# NOTE: This code works with the HTML code existing in as today (06-11-2013)
# The URL with the user ratings per episode always ends with "/epdate?ref_=ttep_ql_4",
# so if the URL for Breaking Bad in IMDB is, the URL with
# the ratings is
parseSeriesRatings <- function(url) {
# download the data
rawData <- readHTMLTable(url, colClasses=c("character", "character", "character", "character"))
# get the firs value of the list returned by readHTMLTable
series <- rawData[[1]]
# remove a colum full of noise generated by the stars available in the page
series <- series[,-5]
# convert the ratings column from factor to character
series[,1] <- as.character(series[,1])
# remove the weird character that appears at the end of each Season.Episode code
series[,1] <- substr(series[,1], 1, nchar(series[,1])-1)
# rename the column to facilitate its access
names(series)[1] <- "Season.Episode"
# get the number of season
series$season <- trunc(as.numeric(series$Season.Episode))
# get the number of episode
series$episode <- as.numeric(substr(series$Season.Episode, 3, 5))
return (series)
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