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Created May 5, 2015
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Go style channels using PEP492 async/await
from collections import deque, namedtuple
import types
class Channel:
def __init__(self, name='', size=1):
self.deque = deque(maxlen=size) = name
def transmit(self, message):
yield (self, "transmit")
def receive(self):
yield (self, "receive")
return self.deque.popleft()
def full(self):
return len(self.deque) == self.deque.maxlen
def empty(self):
return len(self.deque) == 0
def __repr__(self):
Waiting = namedtuple('Waiting', "function channel mode")
ready_transmit = lambda w: w.mode == 'transmit' and not
ready_receive = lambda w: w.mode == 'receive' and not
class Loop:
def __init__(self):
self.pending = set()
def run(self, f):
v = f.send(None)
self.pending.add(Waiting(f, *v))
def _pick(self):
candidates = set(w for w in self.pending if ready_transmit(w) or ready_receive(w))
pick = candidates.pop()
except KeyError:
raise Exception('deadlock!')
return pick
def run_until_complete(self, f):
while any(w.function is f for w in self.pending):
pick = self._pick()
except StopIteration:
from itertools import count
import sys
from channel import Channel, Loop
async def generate(ch):
for i in count(2):
await ch.transmit(i)
async def filter_(in_, out, prime):
while True:
i = await in_.receive()
if i%prime != 0:
await out.transmit(i)
async def main(n, loop):
ch = Channel()
for i in range(n):
prime = await ch.receive()
ch1 = Channel(), ch1, prime))
ch = ch1
if __name__ == '__main__':
loop = Loop()
n = int(sys.argv[1])
loop.run_until_complete(main(n, loop))
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