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Last active Feb 17, 2016
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A script to build wheels from existing PyPI distributions using distlib and vanilla pip. Not usable with distributions you already have installed. Builds dependent wheels by default, though you can turn that off with --no-deps.
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2013-2016 Vinay Sajip. License: MIT
import logging
import optparse # for 2.6
import os
import re
import shutil
import subprocess
import sys
import tempfile
logger = logging.getLogger('wheeler')
from distlib.compat import configparser, filter
from distlib.database import DistributionPath, Distribution, make_graph
from distlib.locators import (JSONLocator, SimpleScrapingLocator,
AggregatingLocator, DependencyFinder)
from distlib.manifest import Manifest
from distlib.metadata import Metadata
from distlib.util import parse_requirement, get_package_data
from distlib.wheel import Wheel
EGG_INFO_RE = re.compile(r'(-py\d\.\d)?\.egg-info', re.I)
INSTALLED_DISTS = DistributionPath(include_egg=True)
def get_requirements(data):
lines = []
for line in data.splitlines():
line = line.strip()
if not line or line[0] == '#':
reqts = []
extras = {}
result = {'install': reqts, 'extras': extras}
for line in lines:
if line[0] != '[':
i = line.find(']', 1)
if i < 0:
raise ValueError('unrecognised line: %r' % line)
extra = line[1:i]
extras[extra] = reqts = []
return result
def convert_egg_info(libdir, prefix, options):
files = os.listdir(libdir)
ei = list(filter(lambda d: d.endswith('.egg-info'), files))[0]
olddn = os.path.join(libdir, ei)
di = EGG_INFO_RE.sub('.dist-info', ei)
newdn = os.path.join(libdir, di)
os.rename(olddn, newdn)
if options.compatible:
renames = {}
renames = {
'entry_points.txt': 'EXPORTS',
excludes = set([
'SOURCES.txt', # of no interest in/post WHEEL
'installed-files.txt', # replaced by RECORD, so not needed
'requires.txt', # added to METADATA, so not needed
'PKG-INFO', # replaced by METADATA
'not-zip-safe', # not applicable
files = os.listdir(newdn)
metadata = mdname = reqts = None
for oldfn in files:
pn = os.path.join(newdn, oldfn)
if oldfn in renames:
os.rename(pn, os.path.join(newdn, renames[oldfn]))
if oldfn == 'requires.txt':
with open(pn, 'r') as f:
reqts = get_requirements(
elif oldfn == 'PKG-INFO':
metadata = Metadata(path=pn)
pd = get_package_data(, metadata.version)
metadata = Metadata(mapping=pd['index-metadata'])
mdname = os.path.join(newdn, 'pydist.json')
if oldfn in excludes or not options.compatible:
if metadata:
# Use Metadata 1.2 or later
metadata.provides += ['%s (%s)' % (,
# Update if not set up by get_package_data
if reqts and not metadata.run_requires:
metadata.dependencies = reqts
manifest = Manifest(os.path.dirname(libdir))
paths = manifest.allfiles
dp = DistributionPath([libdir])
dist = next(dp.get_distributions())
dist.write_installed_files(paths, prefix)
def install_dist(distname, workdir, options):
pfx = '--install-option='
purelib = pfx + '--install-purelib=%s/purelib' % workdir
platlib = pfx + '--install-platlib=%s/platlib' % workdir
headers = pfx + '--install-headers=%s/headers' % workdir
scripts = pfx + '--install-scripts=%s/scripts' % workdir
data = pfx + '--install-data=%s/data' % workdir
# Use the pip adjacent to sys.executable, if any (for virtualenvs)
d = os.path.dirname(sys.executable)
files = filter(lambda o: o in ('pip', 'pip.exe'), os.listdir(d))
if not files:
prog = 'pip'
prog = os.path.join(d, next(files))
cmd = [prog, 'install',
'--no-deps', '--quiet',
'--index-url', '',
'--timeout', '3', '--default-timeout', '3',
purelib, platlib, headers, scripts, data, distname]
result = {
'scripts': os.path.join(workdir, 'scripts'),
'headers': os.path.join(workdir, 'headers'),
'data': os.path.join(workdir, 'data'),
print('Pipping %s ...' % distname)
p = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=False, stdout=sys.stdout,
stdout, _ = p.communicate()
if p.returncode:
raise ValueError('pip failed to install %s:\n%s' % (distname, stdout))
for dn in ('purelib', 'platlib'):
libdir = os.path.join(workdir, dn)
if os.path.isdir(libdir):
result[dn] = libdir
convert_egg_info(libdir, workdir, options)
dp = DistributionPath([libdir])
dist = next(dp.get_distributions())
md = dist.metadata
result['name'] =
result['version'] = md.version
return result
def build_wheel(distname, options):
result = None
r = parse_requirement(distname)
if not r:
print('Invalid requirement: %r' % distname)
dist = INSTALLED_DISTS.get_distribution(
if dist:
print('Can\'t build a wheel from already-installed '
'distribution %s' % dist.name_and_version)
workdir = tempfile.mkdtemp() # where the Wheel input files will live
paths = install_dist(distname, workdir, options)
paths['prefix'] = workdir
wheel = Wheel() = paths.pop('name')
wheel.version = paths.pop('version')
wheel.dirname = options.destdir
result = wheel
return result
def main(args=None):
parser = optparse.OptionParser(usage='%prog [options] requirement [requirement ...]')
parser.add_option('-d', '--dest', dest='destdir', metavar='DESTDIR',
default=os.getcwd(), help='Where you want the wheels '
'to be put.')
parser.add_option('-n', '--no-deps', dest='deps', default=True,
help='Don\'t build dependent wheels.')
options, args = parser.parse_args(args)
options.compatible = True # may add flag to turn off later
if not args:
# Check if pip is available; no point in continuing, otherwise
with open(os.devnull, 'w') as f:
p =['pip', '--version'], stdout=f, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)
except Exception:
p = 1
if p:
print('pip appears not to be available. Wheeler needs pip to '
'build wheels.')
return 1
if options.deps:
# collect all the requirements, including dependencies
u = ''
locator = AggregatingLocator(JSONLocator(),
SimpleScrapingLocator(u, timeout=3.0),
finder = DependencyFinder(locator)
wanted = set()
for arg in args:
r = parse_requirement(arg)
if not r.constraints:
dname =
dname = '%s (%s)' % (, ', '.join(r.constraints))
print('Finding the dependencies of %s ...' % arg)
dists, problems = finder.find(dname)
if problems:
print('There were some problems resolving dependencies '
'for %r.' % arg)
for _, info in problems:
print(' Unsatisfied requirement %r' % info)
wanted |= dists
want_ordered = True # set to False to skip ordering
if not want_ordered:
wanted = list(wanted)
graph = make_graph(wanted, scheme=locator.scheme)
slist, cycle = graph.topological_sort()
if cycle:
# Now sort the remainder on dependency count.
cycle = sorted(cycle, reverse=True,
key=lambda d: len(graph.reverse_list[d]))
wanted = slist + cycle
# get rid of any installed distributions from the list
for w in list(wanted):
dist = INSTALLED_DISTS.get_distribution(
if dist or in ('setuptools', 'distribute'):
s = w.name_and_version
print('Skipped already-installed distribution %s' % s)
# converted wanted list to pip-style requirements
args = ['%s==%s' % (, dist.version) for dist in wanted]
# Now go build
built = []
for arg in args:
wheel = build_wheel(arg, options)
if wheel:
if built:
if options.destdir == os.getcwd():
dest = ''
dest = ' in %s' % options.destdir
print('The following wheels were built%s:' % dest)
for wheel in built:
print(' %s' % wheel.filename)
if __name__ == '__main__':
logging.basicConfig(format='%(levelname)-8s %(name)s %(message)s',
filename='wheeler.log', filemode='w')
rc = main()
except Exception as e:
print('Failed - sorry! Reason: %s\nPlease check the log.' % e)
rc = 1
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vsajip commented Mar 4, 2013

Updated 04 Mar 2013 09:35 Now writes 1.2 metadata, reads requires.txt to update dependencies, prints error message on exception rather than just dying silently.

Updated 05 Mar 2013 11:38 to leave setuptools files in .dist-info unless specifically known to be inappropriate to leave in place.

Updated 05 Mar 2013 12:49 to improve requires.txt handling.

Updated 08 Mar 2013 00:13 to improve metadata written.

Updated 17 Feb 2016 18:11 to use https for PyPI and pydist.json for the name of the metadata file.

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