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@vvakame vvakame/demo.ts Secret
Created Jun 11, 2014

What would you like to do? まさか16KBにもなってURL短縮サービスさんが音を上げるとは思ってもいなかった。
// moment.js
setTimeout(()=> {
}, 1000);
// -------------------------------------------------
// from
// Type definitions for Moment.js 2.5.0
// Project:
// Definitions by: Michael Lakerveld <>
// Definitions by: Aaron King <> (2.4.0)
// Definitions by: Hiroki Horiuchi <> (2.5.0)
// DefinitelyTyped:
interface MomentInput {
years?: number;
y?: number;
months?: number;
M?: number;
weeks?: number;
w?: number;
days?: number;
d?: number;
hours?: number;
h?: number;
minutes?: number;
m?: number;
seconds?: number;
s?: number;
milliseconds?: number;
ms?: number;
interface Duration {
humanize(): string;
milliseconds(): number;
asMilliseconds(): number;
seconds(): number;
asSeconds(): number;
minutes(): number;
asMinutes(): number;
hours(): number;
asHours(): number;
days(): number;
asDays(): number;
months(): number;
asMonths(): number;
years(): number;
asYears(): number;
subtract(n: number, p: string): Duration;
subtract(n: number): Duration;
subtract(d: Duration): Duration;
interface Moment {
format(format: string): string;
format(): string;
fromNow(withoutSuffix?: boolean): string;
startOf(soort: string): Moment;
endOf(soort: string): Moment;
add(input: MomentInput): Moment;
add(soort: string, aantal: number): Moment;
add(duration: Duration): Moment;
subtract(input: MomentInput): Moment;
subtract(soort: string, aantal: number): Moment;
calendar(): string;
clone(): Moment;
valueOf(): number;
local(): Moment; // current date/time in local mode
utc(): Moment; // current date/time in UTC mode
isValid(): boolean;
year(y: number): Moment;
year(): number;
quarter(): number;
month(M: number): Moment;
month(M: string): Moment;
month(): number;
day(d: number): Moment;
day(d: string): Moment;
day(): number;
date(d: number): Moment;
date(): number;
hours(h: number): Moment;
hours(): number;
minutes(m: number): Moment;
minutes(): number;
seconds(s: number): Moment;
seconds(): number;
milliseconds(ms: number): Moment;
milliseconds(): number;
weekday(): number;
weekday(d: number): Moment;
isoWeekday(): number;
isoWeekday(d: number): Moment;
weekYear(): number;
weekYear(d: number): Moment;
isoWeekYear(): number;
isoWeekYear(d: number): Moment;
week(): number;
week(d: number): Moment;
weeks(): number;
weeks(d: number): Moment;
isoWeek(): number;
isoWeek(d: number): Moment;
isoWeeks(): number;
isoWeeks(d: number): Moment;
from(f: Moment): string;
from(f: Moment, suffix: boolean): string;
from(d: Date): string;
from(s: string): string;
from(date: number[]): string;
diff(b: Moment): number;
diff(b: Moment, soort: string): number;
diff(b: Moment, soort: string, round: boolean): number;
toDate(): Date;
toISOString(): string;
unix(): number;
isLeapYear(): boolean;
zone(): number;
zone(b: number): Moment;
zone(b: string): Moment;
daysInMonth(): number;
isDST(): boolean;
isBefore(): boolean;
isBefore(b: Moment): boolean;
isBefore(b: string): boolean;
isBefore(b: Number): boolean;
isBefore(b: Date): boolean;
isBefore(b: number[]): boolean;
isBefore(b: Moment, granularity: string): boolean;
isBefore(b: String, granularity: string): boolean;
isBefore(b: Number, granularity: string): boolean;
isBefore(b: Date, granularity: string): boolean;
isBefore(b: number[], granularity: string): boolean;
isAfter(): boolean;
isAfter(b: Moment): boolean;
isAfter(b: string): boolean;
isAfter(b: Number): boolean;
isAfter(b: Date): boolean;
isAfter(b: number[]): boolean;
isAfter(b: Moment, granularity: string): boolean;
isAfter(b: String, granularity: string): boolean;
isAfter(b: Number, granularity: string): boolean;
isAfter(b: Date, granularity: string): boolean;
isAfter(b: number[], granularity: string): boolean;
isSame(b: Moment): boolean;
isSame(b: string): boolean;
isSame(b: Number): boolean;
isSame(b: Date): boolean;
isSame(b: number[]): boolean;
isSame(b: Moment, granularity: string): boolean;
isSame(b: String, granularity: string): boolean;
isSame(b: Number, granularity: string): boolean;
isSame(b: Date, granularity: string): boolean;
isSame(b: number[], granularity: string): boolean;
lang(language: string): void;
lang(reset: boolean): void;
lang(): string;
max(date: Date): Moment;
max(date: number): Moment;
max(date: any[]): Moment;
max(date: string): Moment;
max(date: string, format: string): Moment;
max(clone: Moment): Moment;
min(date: Date): Moment;
min(date: number): Moment;
min(date: any[]): Moment;
min(date: string): Moment;
min(date: string, format: string): Moment;
min(clone: Moment): Moment;
get(unit: string): number;
set(unit: string, value: number): Moment;
interface MomentCalendar {
lastDay: any;
sameDay: any;
nextDay: any;
lastWeek: any;
nextWeek: any;
sameElse: any;
interface MomentLanguage {
months?: any;
monthsShort?: any;
weekdays?: any;
weekdaysShort?: any;
weekdaysMin?: any;
longDateFormat?: MomentLongDateFormat;
relativeTime?: MomentRelativeTime;
meridiem?: (hour: number, minute: number, isLowercase: boolean) => string;
calendar?: MomentCalendar;
ordinal?: (num: number) => string;
interface MomentLongDateFormat {
L: string;
LL: string;
LLL: string;
LLLL: string;
LT: string;
l?: string;
ll?: string;
lll?: string;
llll?: string;
lt?: string;
interface MomentRelativeTime {
future: any;
past: any;
s: any;
m: any;
mm: any;
h: any;
hh: any;
d: any;
dd: any;
M: any;
MM: any;
y: any;
yy: any;
interface MomentStatic {
(): Moment;
(date: number): Moment;
(date: number[]): Moment;
(date: string, format?: string, strict?: boolean): Moment;
(date: string, format?: string, language?: string, strict?: boolean): Moment;
(date: string, formats: string[], strict?: boolean): Moment;
(date: string, formats: string[], language?: string, strict?: boolean): Moment;
(date: Date): Moment;
(date: Moment): Moment;
(date: Object): Moment;
utc(): Moment;
utc(date: number): Moment;
utc(date: number[]): Moment;
utc(date: string, format?: string, strict?: boolean): Moment;
utc(date: string, format?: string, language?: string, strict?: boolean): Moment;
utc(date: string, formats: string[], strict?: boolean): Moment;
utc(date: string, formats: string[], language?: string, strict?: boolean): Moment;
utc(date: Date): Moment;
utc(date: Moment): Moment;
utc(date: Object): Moment;
unix(timestamp: number): Moment;
isMoment(): boolean;
isMoment(m: any): boolean;
lang(language: string): any;
lang(language: string, definition: MomentLanguage): any;
longDateFormat: any;
relativeTime: any;
meridiem: (hour: number, minute: number, isLowercase: boolean) => string;
calendar: any;
ordinal: (num: number) => string;
duration(milliseconds: Number): Duration;
duration(num: Number, soort: string): Duration;
duration(input: MomentInput): Duration;
duration(object: any): Duration;
duration(): Duration;
parseZone(date: string): Moment;
months(): string[];
months(index: number): string;
months(format: string): string[];
months(format: string, index: number): string;
monthsShort(): string[];
monthsShort(index: number): string;
monthsShort(format: string): string[];
monthsShort(format: string, index: number): string;
version: string;
weekdays(): string[];
weekdays(index: number): string;
weekdays(format: string): string[];
weekdays(format: string, index: number): string;
weekdaysShort(): string[];
weekdaysShort(index: number): string;
weekdaysShort(format: string): string[];
weekdaysShort(format: string, index: number): string;
weekdaysMin(): string[];
weekdaysMin(index: number): string;
weekdaysMin(format: string): string[];
weekdaysMin(format: string, index: number): string;
normalizeUnits(unit: string): string;
invalid(parsingFlags?: Object): Moment;
declare var moment: MomentStatic;
declare module 'moment' {
export = moment;
// -----------------------------------------
// Runした時のためにネタを仕込んでおく
module Temp {
var script = document.createElement("script");
script.setAttribute("type", "application/javascript");
script.setAttribute("src", "");
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