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@vwochnik vwochnik/storage.js

Created Aug 25, 2016
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Local Storage getter/setter with expiration
* Retrieves or stores a value inside local storage.
* If only the first parameter is specified, the value is retrieved from local storage.
* If a value to store is specified, maxAge must also be specified after which the value is
* considered invalid and removed during successive retrievals.
* @param name key name to set or retrieve
* @param value value to store
* @param maxAge number of hours until expiration
function storage(name, value, maxAge) {
if (value !== void 0) {
var expires = new Date( + maxAge * 3600000);
window.localStorage.setItem(name, JSON.stringify({
value: JSON.stringify(value),
expires: expires.toUTCString()
return value;
try {
var obj = JSON.parse(window.localStorage.getItem(name));
if (new Date(obj.expires) < new Date()) {
return JSON.parse(obj.value);
} catch (e) { }
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