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Enable Printers in PlayOnLinux Apps

RESUME: I install in PlayOnLinux 'Microsoft Word Viewer 2003' but the Printer not working. Here are the solution, for this and for more apps that need use the Printer under Wine PlayOnLinux

  • Printers

If you have a printer properly configured under Ubuntu, probably it'll be automatically available under wine.

If not, we can make it available. Basically, your printer must be installed using cups. No problem if the printer is installed using other softwares/drivers, but to get it available for wine, it must be installed under cups too.

If cups package is not installed, install it:

sudo apt-get install cups

Then, and add your printer with the metod that you want.

After configure it, print a test page using the related printer in Printers from System Settings.

Now, in Ubuntu 16.04 this file /etc/printcap is not available more for cups(1), but is necessary for PlayOnLinux, create it this way:

sudo ln -sf /var/run/cups/printcap /etc/printcap

Reboot wine: Close all PlayOnLinux windows

THIS IS AN FORK WORK FROM: Install Microsoft Office 2010 on Ubuntu

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