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View failure-detector.js
// Based on
function FailureDetector(ws) {
// ws stands for window size.
// How many heartbeat intervals we keep track of. = ws || 100;
this.window = [];
this.last = null;
exports.FailureDetector = FailureDetector;
protocool / caveatPatchor.js
Created Feb 14, 2011
Sample caveatPatchor.js file for use in Propane 1.1.2 and above
View caveatPatchor.js
As of version 1.1.2, Propane will load and execute the contents of
~Library/Application Support/Propane/unsupported/caveatPatchor.js
immediately following the execution of its own enhancer.js file.
You can use this mechanism to add your own customizations to Campfire
in Propane.
Below you'll find two customization examples.
View debug.js
require.registerExtension('.js', function(js){
return js.replace(/^ *\/\/debug: */gm, '');
mager / index.html
Created Oct 15, 2010
This is an example of SimpleGeo's GeoIP functionality for getting the user's location based on IP address. This example uses Polymaps.
View index.html
<!DOCTYPE html>
<script type="text/javascript">
var simplegeo=(function(b,d){var c=(function(k,g){function e(){return(new Date).getTime()}var m=k.document;var n=e(),i=/=\?(&|$)/,j=/(\?|&)_=.*?(&|$)/,l=/\?/,h=/%20/g,f=Object.prototype.toString,o={isFunction:function(p){return"[object Function]"},isArray:function(p){return"[object Array]"},each:function(s,w,r){var q,t=0,u=s.length,p=u===g||o.isFunction(s);if(r){if(p){for(q in s){if(w.apply(s[q],r)===false){break}}}else{for(;t<u;){if(w.apply(s[t++],r)===false){break}}}}else{if(p){for(q in s){if([q],q,s[q])===false){break}}}else{for(var v=s[0];t<u&&,t,v)!==false;v=s[++t]){}}}return s},param:function(p){var q=[];if(o.isArray(p)||p.jquery){o.each(p,function(){u(,this.value)})}else{for(var t in p){r(t,p[t])}}return q.join("&").replace(h,"+");function r(s,v){if(o.isArray(v)){o.each(v,function(x,w){if(/\[\]$/.test(s)){u(s,w)}else{r(s+"["+(typeof w==="object"||o.isArray(w)?x:"")+"]",w)}})}else{if(v!=n
# In-memory Cassandra-ish thingy... useful for unit tests. Maybe useful for other
# stuff too? No support for SuperColumns, but that should be easy enough to add.
import bisect
import copy
from cassandra.ttypes import NotFoundException, Column, ColumnPath, ColumnOrSuperColumn
class SSTable(object):
View c10k-test-client.c
// HTTP client for testing high connection concurrency
// Authors: Richard Jones and Rasmus Andersson
// Released in the public domain. No restrictions, no support.
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <sys/queue.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <err.h>
#include <event.h>
#include <evhttp.h>
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