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We’re looking to hire a (senior) software developer (F/M) interested in Clojure(Script), machine learning, natural language processing and medicine. This project is about transforming the way decisions are made about new drugs and treatments. Currently, the safety and efficacy of treatments is assessed with Randomised Controlled Trials (clinical trials), typically these trials work by splitting a patient population in two random groups: one group is given the new treatment, the other a placebo or an old treatment. The hope is that this gives an unbiased, real world, estimate of how well a treatment works.

Unfortunately, a lot of biasses are in play, and to combat them many of these trials are conducted and published each year. To give a good overview of what works and what doesn’t, experts attempt to screen and summarise/synthesise all available evidence and trials in thorough documents called systematic reviews. These systematic reviews form the cornerstone of what is called “Evidence Based Medicine”, and i

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// original
int CheckExtension (char *filename, char *ext)
char *s;
if (!filename) return(0);
if (strlen(filename) == 0) return(0);
s = strrchr(filename,'.');
if (!s) return(0);
if (!strcmp(s,ext)) return(1);