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List of Rails Status Code Symbols

1xx Informational

100	Continue              :continue
101	Switching Protocols   :switching_protocols
102	Processing            :processing

2xx Success

200	OK                            :ok
201	Created                       :created
202	Accepted                      :accepted
203	Non-Authoritative Information :non_authoritative_information
204	No Content                    :no_content
205	Reset Content                 :reset_content
206	Partial Content               :partial_content
207	Multi-Status                  :multi_status
226	IM Used                       :im_used

3xx Redirection

300	Multiple Choices    :multiple_choices
301	Moved Permanently   :moved_permanently
302	Found               :found
303	See Other           :see_other
304	Not Modified        :not_modified
305	Use Proxy           :use_proxy
307	Temporary Redirect  :temporary_redirect

4xx Client Error

400	Bad Request                     :bad_request
401	Unauthorized                    :unauthorized
402	Payment Required                :payment_required
403	Forbidden                       :forbidden
404	Not Found                       :not_found
405	Method Not Allowed              :method_not_allowed
406	Not Acceptable                  :not_acceptable
407	Proxy Authentication Required   :proxy_authentication_required
408	Request Timeout                 :request_timeout
409	Conflict                        :conflict
410	Gone                            :gone
411	Length Required                 :length_required
412	Precondition Failed             :precondition_failed
413	Request Entity Too Large        :request_entity_too_large
414	Request-URI Too Long            :request_uri_too_long
415	Unsupported Media Type          :unsupported_media_type
416	Requested Range Not Satisfiable :requested_range_not_satisfiable
417	Expectation Failed              :expectation_failed
422	Unprocessable Entity            :unprocessable_entity
423	Locked                          :locked
424	Failed Dependency               :failed_dependency
426	Upgrade Required                :upgrade_required

5xx Server Error

500	Internal Server Error       :internal_server_error
501	Not Implemented             :not_implemented
502	Bad Gateway                 :bad_gateway
503	Service Unavailable         :service_unavailable
504	Gateway Timeout             :gateway_timeout
505	HTTP Version Not Supported  :http_version_not_supported
507	Insufficient Storage        :insufficient_storage
510	Not Extended                :not_extended
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