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These days there are many ways for us to connect to the Internet. What kinds of activities do you do online and what type of devices do you use?

[take responses]

Discussion points for this slide include;

  • Awareness that devices are internet-enabled. It's not only laptops and PCs that can access the internet.

  • All gaming consoles feature internet connectivity, either through wifi or increasingly commonly through a data driven device which has mobile connectivity like a phone. Some examples of this include, Amazon Kindle: this device is always connected to the internet, the connection of which is subsidized by Amazon to deliver ebooks. Reading on same can be found below;

The article explains who by selling the tablet at a loss, amazon still makes a profit by offering consumers a free internet device.

  • Another common problem is the internet enablement of children's devices like Nintendo handheld consoles. The DS range of consoles features a SwapNote or StreetPass feature whereby when a handheld device is in range, the exchange information in a salutation that can contain location, images and inappropriate messages. This was a feature most parents and kids did not know about, resulting in the exchange of pornography and tracking of people's movements. Some reading on same below;

This actually resulted in Nintendo patching their consoles to remove functionality to make kids more safe;

The conclusion here is to discuss with young people what devices they have and ask how they are securing them.

  1. Do you know if those devices are internet enabled?
  2. Are they aware of the kind of information they're sharing?
  3. Can people find the device if it's active, ie. does it have a feature like Nintendo's streetpass actively searching for other devices?

Hopefully some of the audience have thought about devices they have, they may not have realized they were internet enabled and need to to secure it to avoid oversharing.

Some commonplace devices include;

  • XBOX ONE/ XBOX 360
  • Playstation 3/ Playstation 4
  • Nintendo Consoles: Wii, WiiU, 2DS, 3DS
  • All Smartphones
  • Laptops and PCs
  • Tablets

There may be others not on this list that the audience know about.

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