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Python script for renaming KiCad Gerber files so they'll be accepted by most low-cost PCB fabricators.
# KiCad outputs Gerber files with extensions that aren't recognized by the most commonly used
# PCB manufacturers. This Python script renames the files to what they expect.
# Just execute this script in your KiCad project directory and the Gerber files will be renamed.
import glob
import os
# Make a list of .gbr and .drl files in the current directory.
gerbers = glob.glob('*.gbr')
# File renaming rules.
gerber_types = [
{'from': '-B_SilkS.gbr', 'to': '.GBO'},
{'from': '-B_Mask.gbr', 'to': '.GBS'},
{'from': '-B_Cu.gbr', 'to': '.GBL'},
{'from': '-Inner1_Cu.gbr', 'to': '.G2L'},
{'from': '-Inner2_Cu.gbr', 'to': '.G3L'},
{'from': '-F_Cu.gbr', 'to': '.GTL'},
{'from': '-F_Mask.gbr', 'to': '.GTS'},
{'from': '-F_SilkS.gbr', 'to': '.GTO'},
{'from': '-Edge_Cuts.gbr', 'to': '.GKO'},
{'from': '.drl', 'to': '.TXT'},
# Rename files depending upon their names.
for g in gerbers:
for t in gerber_types:
if g.endswith(t['from']):
# Strip the 'from' string from the old name and append the 'to' string to make the new name.
new_g = g[:-len(t['from'])] + t['to']
# Remove any existing file having the new name.
# An exception occurred because the file we tried to remove probably didn't exist.
# Rename the old file with the new name.
os.rename(g, new_g)
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