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import csv, json, sys
#if you are not using utf-8 files, remove the next line
#sys.setdefaultencoding("UTF-8") #set the encode to utf8
#check if you pass the input file and output file
if sys.argv[1] is not None and sys.argv[2] is not None:
fileInput = sys.argv[1]
fileOutput = sys.argv[2]
inputFile = open(fileInput) #open json file
outputFile = open(fileOutput, 'w') #load csv file
data = json.load(inputFile) #load json content
inputFile.close() #close the input file
output = csv.writer(outputFile) #create a csv.write
output.writerow(data[0].keys()) # header row
for row in data:
output.writerow(row.values()) #values
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