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Rake task for backing up MySQL database in Rails projects
namespace :db do desc "Backup project database. Options: DIR=backups RAILS_ENV=production MAX=7"
task :backup => [:environment] do
datestamp ="%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S")
base_path = Rails.root
base_path = File.join(base_path, ENV["DIR"] || "backups")
backup_base = File.join(base_path, 'db_backups')
backup_folder = File.join(backup_base, datestamp)
backup_file = File.join(backup_folder, "#{RAILS_ENV}_dump.sql")
db_config = ActiveRecord::Base.configurations[RAILS_ENV]
`mysqldump -u #{db_config['username']} -p#{db_config['password']} -i -c -q #{db_config['database']} > #{backup_file}`
raise "Unable to make DB backup!" if ( $?.to_i > 0 )
`gzip -9 #{backup_file}`
dir =
all_backups = dir.entries.sort[2..-1].reverse
puts "Created backup: #{backup_file}"
max_backups = (ENV["MAX"].to_i if ENV["MAX"].to_i > 0) || 7
unwanted_backups = all_backups[max_backups..-1] || []
for unwanted_backup in unwanted_backups
FileUtils.rm_rf(File.join(backup_base, unwanted_backup))
puts "Deleted #{unwanted_backups.length} backups, #{all_backups.length - unwanted_backups.length} backups available"
# =====
# rake db:backup
# RAILS_ENV=production rake db:backup
# MAX=14 RAILS_ENV=production rake db:backup
# DIR=another_dir MAX=14 RAILS_ENV=production rake db:backup

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jay16 commented Jul 17, 2014

hi warden,
thanks your sharing.
the link add function for restore DB task base on yours.

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