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Sentiment analysis that takes long time
using edu.stanford.nlp.ling;
using edu.stanford.nlp.neural.rnn;
using edu.stanford.nlp.pipeline;
using edu.stanford.nlp.sentiment;
using edu.stanford.nlp.trees;
using edu.stanford.nlp.util;
using java.text;
using java.util;
using Starcounter;
using Starcounter.Internal;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
namespace MyImporter {
public class StanfordNLPModelNotFoundExpection : Exception {
public class SentimentHelper {
private string JarRoot;
private StanfordCoreNLP pipeline;
public string LastError;
public SentimentHelper() {
var CurDir = Application.Current.WorkingDirectory;
//JarRoot = @"..\..\..\..\paket-files\\stanford-corenlp-full-2015-12-09\models";
JarRoot = Path.Combine(CurDir, "stanford-corenlp-full-2015-12-09\\stanford-corenlp-3.6.0-models");
if (Directory.Exists(JarRoot) == false) {
LastError = typeof(StanfordNLPModelNotFoundExpection).Name;
// Annotation pipeline configuration
var props = new java.util.Properties();
props.setProperty("annotators", "tokenize, ssplit, parse, sentiment");
//props.setProperty("ner.useSUTime", "0");
pipeline = new StanfordCoreNLP(props);
public float Analyze(string text) {
var annotation = new edu.stanford.nlp.pipeline.Annotation(text);
List<int> sentiments = new List<int>();
var sentences = annotation.get(new CoreAnnotations.SentencesAnnotation().getClass()) as ArrayList;
foreach (CoreMap sentence in sentences) {
Tree tree = sentence.get(new SentimentCoreAnnotations.SentimentAnnotatedTree().getClass()) as Tree;
int sentiment = RNNCoreAnnotations.getPredictedClass(tree);
return (float)sentiments.Average();

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commented Jan 3, 2016

Could you please try to execute the code in 32 an 64 bit modes and post execution time here?

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