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Selected readings for the 8/6/13 #Geowebchat re: near-realtime satellite imagery

A quick reading list

Mapbox Satellite Live

  1. Mapbox Blog post about Satellite Live, with sign-up for the beta
  2. Wired "hell yeah" response article
  3. DirectionsMag interview with Chris Herwig re: the service
  4. Walkthroughs for getting various sensors through Tilemill: ** Pleiades ** RapidEye ** Landsat 8

"Traditional" Satellite Services

  1. The "Disaster Charter" - (nee "Charter On Cooperation To Achieve The Coordinated Use Of Space Facilities In The Event Of Natural Or Technological Disasters")
  2. "FirstLook" by DigitalGlobe
  3. NASA Earth Observing System - the umbrella for Landsat 8 and MODIS
  4. The Europeans! SPOT and Pleiades


  1. Planet Labs just hired the founder of GDAL/OGR!
  2. Skybox Imaging, with another Wired article
  3. DARPA's Launch Vehicle
  4. Virgin Galactic LauncherOne

From the chat

  1. Tsunami damage
  2. SkyTruth
  3. Counting the Million Man March
  4. GDACS
  5. Crowdsourced mapping for disaster management
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