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weakish / .vromerc
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Vrome configure
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" Disable Vrome in those sites, Multiple URLs can be separated with `,`.
" Unmap Ctrl+Enter in insert mode since some sites use it to submit text.
iunmap <C-Enter>
" Close current tab is a frequent operation, thus map it to `d`.
map Dc D
map Dm dm
weakish /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Fetch and apply all #security updates for #Debian in #sh
# by Jakukyo Friel <> (
# under Apache-2.0
# Fetch and apply all security updates for #Debian.
sudo apt-get install $(debsecan --suite $(lsb_release -a | grep -o -P '(?<=Codename:[\s]).*') --format packages)
weakish / debconf14_video_webm_download_links.txt
Created Oct 22, 2014
debconf14 video webm download links
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weakish / 跋史記十二本紀疑詁.md
Created Jan 2, 2015
#跋 #史記 十二本紀疑詁
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張家英. 史記十二本紀疑詁[M]. 哈爾濱:黑龍江教育出版社,1997年9月. ISBN7-5316-3207-1.


粗翻一過,發現許多條目沒有必要寫,如《五帝本紀》中的「親戚」(p. 24)、「用事」(p. 28)、「百家」(p. 30)、「古文」(p. 31),《夏本紀》開頭的兩條「奸」(p. 44)、「小子」(p. 45),類似這樣的條目觸目皆是,茲不盡舉。

有些條目不過是重複前人的結論,茲舉二條爲例:「話言」(p. 27),《說文》云「話,會合善言也」,此「話」即用此義,《疑詁》大抄段注,實無必要。「砥屬」,《疑詁》不過抄《經義述聞》,亦無必要。

當然還是有一些條目是可取的,但是總體而言這些條目我們也嫌其羅嗦了。例如《秦本紀》之「容車」,《疑詁》引《後漢書・銚期王霸祭遵列傳》注:「容車,容飾之車,象生時也。」(p. 98)這是對的。但是卻花了大半頁的篇幅,其實一兩行就夠了。


I believe I have omitted mentioning that, in my first voyage from Boston, being becalm'd off Block Island, our people set about catching cod, and hauled up a great many. Hitherto I had stuck to my resolution of not eating animal food, and on this occasion consider'd, with my master Tryon, the taking every fish as a kind of unprovoked murder, since none of them had, or ever could do us any injury that might justify the slaughter. All this seemed very reasonable. But I had formerly been a great lover of fish, and, when this came hot out of the frying-pan, it smelt admirably well. I balanc'd some time between principle and inclination, till I recollected that, when the fish were

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Created Mar 24, 2015
#bash print 256 colours for tmux configuration
# Print colors used by tmux.
# via
for i in {0..255} ; do
printf "\x1b[38;5;${i}mcolour${i}\n"
weakish / llvm-snapshot.gpg.key.sha512
Created Apr 22, 2015
#llvm snapshot #gpg key #sha512
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15a8b6bb63b14a7e64882edbc8a3425b95648624dacd08f965c60cffd69624e69c92193a694dce7f2a3c3ef977d8d1b394b6d9d06b3e10259d25f09d67baea87 llvm-snapshot.gpg.key
weakish / .awesomerc
Created Jul 5, 2010
#awesome2.3 #dmenu configs #recycle
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- arg = "find /usr/bin -type f -executable ! -empty | awesome-menu -e 'exec ' Execute:"
+ arg = "exec $(ls /usr/bin | dmenu -b -fn '-*-*-medium-*-*-*-15-*-*-*-*-*-*-*' -nf '#000000' -nb '#c1c48b' -sf '#000000' -sb '#81654f' -p Execute:)"
weakish / .emacs
Created Jul 5, 2010
#emacs configs #recycle
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;; larger fonts
(set-default-font "DejaVu Sans Mono:pixelsize=22")
(setq default-frame-alist
'((height . 23) (width . 74) (menu-bar-lines . 20) (tool-bar-lines . 0)))
;; Chinese font
(set-fontset-font "fontset-default"
'unicode '("AR PL UMing CN" . "unicode-bmp"))
;; for rcirc
;; default port
weakish / default
Created Jul 5, 2010
#fbpanel #fvwm-crystal configs #recycle
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# fbpanel <profile> config file
# see for complete configuration guide
Global {
edge = top
allign = left
margin = 0
widthtype = percent
width = 100