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Symfony 4 Workshop Prep!

Workshop Prep!

Woh! I'm super glad you're joining me to get down with Symfony 4! Our goal is to learn (by actually programming) as much as possible. But our time is short (only 4 hours!), so we need to make sure everyone's machines are setup to handle everything.

To do that, we ask that everyone does a little preparation before the workshop. If you have any serious issues, let me know -!

1) Install PHP 7.1.3 or higher.

Yep, it does need to be PHP 7.1 or higher! To make sure you've got the right version, find your favorite terminal, and run:

php -v

2) Install Composer globally

You'll also need to make sure you've got Composer installed:

By "installed globally", I mean that, when finished, you should be able to open a terminal and run:


If you're having any issues making this work, and can only get the composer.phar file to download, no worries - that's good enough :).

3) Install git

Because version control is fun! Make sure git is installed and can be run at the command line by simply typing "git". Probably the best resource on how to install git is GitHub:


4) MySQL or SQLite

We'll also use MySql during the training, so make sure you have that installed and that PHP can talk to the database. To see if it can, run:

php -i | grep pdo_mysql

If you see some things about pdo_mysql, you should be setup. Alternatively, if you don’t have MySQL or don’t want to install it, we can switch you to use Sqlite. Make sure the pdo_sqlite extension is installed.

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