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Testing zend-mvc (future) 2.7.0

How to test zend-mvc 2.7.0

We're prepping a 2.7.0 release of zend-mvc. It has a few features of interest:

  • New middleware dispatcher to allow dispatching PSR-7 middleware from within the zend-mvc workflow.
  • Updates to be forwards-compatible with v3 components.

This latter has been the result of a months of work getting all the components zend-mvc depends on updated, and then updating the plethora of factories, event listeners, and places where events are triggered exposed by zend-mvc to work across both the v2 and v3 versions of zend-servicemanager and zend-eventmanager.

While all tests run, however, we want to be very, very certain that when we cut the 2.7.0 release we don't break too many user applications!

So, help us test! To do so, we'll have you install the development release of 2.7.0, run your application, and report any errors you see.

  • Edit your composer.json file, and add the following line in the "require" section, above the "zendframework/zendframework" entry: "zendframework/zend-mvc": "dev-develop as 2.7.0"
  • Run composer update
  • Run your application.
  • If you see any errors, report them to ; include the following:
    • Output of composer info -i
    • The full text of the error you see (it will likely be an exception)
    • If possible, provide a dump of any service manager configuration you have, even if it's just the names of factories, aliases, invokables, etc. you're defining.

Thanks in advance for your help!


  • If running under Apache or nginx, make sure you have display_errors disabled, and/or that you have your error reporting set to omit E_USER_DEPRECATED. One change in the develop branch is that we are now marking the ServiceLocatorAwareInterface initializers as deprecated.
  • If you are running using the PHP built-in webserver, pass the flag -d display_errors="0" when invoking it.

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necromant2005 commented Mar 1, 2016

Everything works, no exception or errors (except deprecation warning). As benefit of 2.7-dev it's about 10% faster than previous 2.6.3


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