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Created Jan 31, 2014
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workaround for saved queries drawing weirdness
var query = new Keen.SavedQuery("activity_09_2013");
// Call Michelle's gross function
drawMyLineChart(response, "daily", div , title)
function drawMyLineChart(response, interval, div, title) {
// Create a Series object so that it can be referenced by the draw method.
// This is kind of a hack since we are passing in our own result object and not really querying the collection specified here.
// The "placeholder" is used instead of a collection name, since this is not used.
var placeholderSeries = new Keen.Series("placeholder", {
interval: interval
var lineChart = new Keen.LineChart(placeholderSeries, {
height: 400,
width: 600,
lineWidth: 3,
chartAreaWidth: "60%",
chartAreaLeft: "10%",
title: title,
showLegend: false,
xAxisLabelAngle: xAxisLabelAngle
lineChart.draw(document.getElementById(div), formattedResult);
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