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x = []
y = []
y1 = []
y2 = []
fig, axes = plt.subplots(1, 2, figsize = (10, 6))
axes = axes.ravel()
for power_of_ten in range(1, 8):
y.append(get_margin_of_error_interval(10 ** power_of_ten, 2))
for y_aux in y:
axes[0].set_title("Margin of error X Log of Sample Size (Smaller is better)")
axes[0].set_ylabel("Margin of error")
axes[0].set_xlabel("Sample Size = 10^x")
axes[0].plot(x, y1)
axes[1].set_title("Sample Mean X Log of Sample Size")
axes[1].set_ylabel("Sample Mean")
axes[1].set_xlabel("Sample Size = 10^x")
axes[1].plot(x, y2)
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