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whaison/choco -h .shell

Last active Feb 11, 2017
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choco -h .shell
Windows PowerShell
Copyright (C) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
PS C:\Windows\system32> choco -h
This is a listing of all of the different things you can pass to choco.
* list - lists remote or local packages
* search - searches remote or local packages (alias for list)
* info - retrieves package information. Shorthand for choco search pkgname --exact --verbose
* install - installs packages from various sources
* pin - suppress upgrades for a package
* outdated - retrieves packages that are outdated. Similar to upgrade all --noop
* upgrade - upgrades packages from various sources
* uninstall - uninstalls a package
* pack - packages up a nuspec to a compiled nupkg
* push - pushes a compiled nupkg
* new - generates files necessary for a chocolatey package from a template
* source - view and configure default sources
* sources - view and configure default sources (alias for source)
* config - Retrieve and configure config file settings
* feature - view and configure choco features
* features - view and configure choco features (alias for feature)
* apikey - retrieves or saves an apikey for a particular source
* setapikey - retrieves or saves an apikey for a particular source (alias for apikey)
* unpackself - have chocolatey set it self up
* version - [DEPRECATED] will be removed in v1 - use `choco outdated` or `cup <pkg|all> -whatif` instead
* update - [DEPRECATED] RESERVED for future use (you are looking for upgrade, these are not the droids you are looking
Please run chocolatey with `choco command -help` for specific help on
each command.
How To Pass Options / Switches
You can pass options and switches in the following ways:
* Unless stated otherwise, an option/switch should only be passed one
time. Otherwise you may find weird/non-supported behavior.
* `-`, `/`, or `--` (one character switches should not use `--`)
* **Option Bundling / Bundled Options**: One character switches can be
bundled. e.g. `-d` (debug), `-f` (force), `-v` (verbose), and `-y`
(confirm yes) can be bundled as `-dfvy`.
* NOTE: If `debug` or `verbose` are bundled with local options
(not the global ones above), some logging may not show up until after
the local options are parsed.
* **Use Equals**: You can also include or not include an equals sign
`=` between options and values.
* **Quote Values**: When you need to quote an entire argument, such as
when using spaces, please use a combination of double quotes and
apostrophes (`"'value'"`). In cmd.exe you can just use double quotes
(`"value"`) but in powershell.exe you should use backticks
(`` `"value`" ``) or apostrophes (`'value'`). Using the combination
allows for both shells to work without issue, except for when the next
section applies.
* **Pass quotes in arguments**: When you need to pass quoted values to
to something like a native installer, you are in for a world of fun. In
cmd.exe you must pass it like this: `-ia "/yo=""Spaces spaces"""`. In
PowerShell.exe, you must pass it like this: `-ia '/yo=""Spaces spaces""'`.
No other combination will work. In PowerShell.exe if you are on version
v3+, you can try `--%` before `-ia` to just pass the args through as is,
which means it should not require any special workarounds.
* Options and switches apply to all items passed, so if you are
installing multiple packages, and you use `--version=1.0.0`, choco
is going to look for and try to install version 1.0.0 of every
package passed. So please split out multiple package calls when
wanting to pass specific options.
Default Options and Switches
-?, --help, -h
Prints out the help menu.
-d, --debug
Debug - Show debug messaging.
-v, --verbose
Verbose - Show verbose messaging.
--acceptlicense, --accept-license
AcceptLicense - Accept license dialogs automatically. Reserved for
future use.
-y, --yes, --confirm
Confirm all prompts - Chooses affirmative answer instead of prompting.
Implies --accept-license
-f, --force
Force - force the behavior. Do not use force during normal operation -
it subverts some of the smart behavior for commands.
--noop, --whatif, --what-if
NoOp / WhatIf - Don't actually do anything.
-r, --limitoutput, --limit-output
LimitOutput - Limit the output to essential information
--timeout, --execution-timeout=VALUE
CommandExecutionTimeout (in seconds) - The time to allow a command to
finish before timing out. Overrides the default execution timeout in the
configuration of 2700 seconds.
-c, --cache, --cachelocation, --cache-location=VALUE
CacheLocation - Location for download cache, defaults to %TEMP% or value
in chocolatey.config file.
--allowunofficial, --allow-unofficial, --allowunofficialbuild, --allow-unofficial-build
AllowUnofficialBuild - When not using the official build you must set
this flag for choco to continue.
--failstderr, --failonstderr, --fail-on-stderr, --fail-on-standard-error, --fail-on-error-output
FailOnStandardError - Fail on standard error output (stderr), typically
received when running external commands during install providers. This
overrides the feature failOnStandardError.
UseSystemPowerShell - Execute PowerShell using an external process
instead of the built-in PowerShell host. Should only be used when
internal host is failing. Available in 0.9.10+.
Chocolatey v0.10.3
PS C:\Windows\system32>
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