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choco list
Windows PowerShell
Copyright (C) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
PS C:\Windows\system32> choco list -h
Chocolatey v0.10.3
List/Search Command
Chocolatey will perform a search for a package local or remote. Some
may prefer to use `clist` as a shortcut for `choco list`.
NOTE: 100% compatible with older Chocolatey client (0.9.8.x and below)
with options and switches. In most cases you can still pass options
and switches with one dash (`-`). For more details, see
the command reference (`choco -?`).
choco search <filter> [<options/switches>]
choco list <filter> [<options/switches>]
clist <filter> [<options/switches>]
choco list --local-only
choco list -li
choco list -lai
choco list --page=0 --page-size=25
choco search git
choco search git -s "'https://somewhere/out/there'"
choco search bob -s "'https://somewhere/protected'" -u user -p pass
See It In Action
choco search:
Alternative Sources
Available in 0.9.10+.
This specifies the source is Web PI (Web Platform Installer) and that
we are searching for a WebPI product, such as IISExpress. If you do
not have the Web PI command line installed, it will install that first
and then perform the search requested.
e.g. `choco list --source webpi`
Windows Features
This specifies that the source is a Windows Feature and we should
install via the Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool (DISM)
on the local machine.
e.g. `choco list --source windowsfeatures`
Options and Switches
-?, --help, -h
Prints out the help menu.
-d, --debug
Debug - Show debug messaging.
-v, --verbose
Verbose - Show verbose messaging.
--acceptlicense, --accept-license
AcceptLicense - Accept license dialogs automatically. Reserved for
future use.
-y, --yes, --confirm
Confirm all prompts - Chooses affirmative answer instead of prompting.
Implies --accept-license
-f, --force
Force - force the behavior. Do not use force during normal operation -
it subverts some of the smart behavior for commands.
--noop, --whatif, --what-if
NoOp / WhatIf - Don't actually do anything.
-r, --limitoutput, --limit-output
LimitOutput - Limit the output to essential information
--timeout, --execution-timeout=VALUE
CommandExecutionTimeout (in seconds) - The time to allow a command to
finish before timing out. Overrides the default execution timeout in the
configuration of 2700 seconds.
-c, --cache, --cachelocation, --cache-location=VALUE
CacheLocation - Location for download cache, defaults to %TEMP% or value
in chocolatey.config file.
--allowunofficial, --allow-unofficial, --allowunofficialbuild, --allow-unofficial-build
AllowUnofficialBuild - When not using the official build you must set
this flag for choco to continue.
--failstderr, --failonstderr, --fail-on-stderr, --fail-on-standard-error, --fail-on-error-output
FailOnStandardError - Fail on standard error output (stderr), typically
received when running external commands during install providers. This
overrides the feature failOnStandardError.
UseSystemPowerShell - Execute PowerShell using an external process
instead of the built-in PowerShell host. Should only be used when
internal host is failing. Available in 0.9.10+.
-s, --source=VALUE
Source - Source location for install. Can include special 'webpi'.
Defaults to sources.
-l, --lo, --localonly, --local-only
LocalOnly - Only search against local machine items.
--pre, --prerelease
Prerelease - Include Prereleases? Defaults to false.
-i, --includeprograms, --include-programs
IncludePrograms - Used in conjunction with LocalOnly, filters out apps
chocolatey has listed as packages and includes those in the list.
Defaults to false.
-a, --all, --allversions, --all-versions
AllVersions - include results from all versions.
Version - Specific version of a package to return.
-u, --user=VALUE
User - used with authenticated feeds. Defaults to empty.
-p, --password=VALUE
Password - the user's password to the source. Defaults to empty.
Client certificate - PFX pathname for an x509 authenticated feeds.
Defaults to empty. Available in 0.9.10+.
--cp, --certpassword=VALUE
Certificate Password - the client certificate's password to the source.
Defaults to empty. Available in 0.9.10+.
Page - the 'page' of results to return. Defaults to return all results.
Available in 0.9.10+.
Page Size - the amount of package results to return per page. Defaults
to 25. Available in 0.9.10+.
-e, --exact
Exact - Only return packages with this exact name. Available in 0.9.10+.
ByIdOnly - Only return packages where the id contains the search filter.
Available in 0.9.10+.
IdStartsWith - Only return packages where the id starts with the search
filter. Available in 0.9.10+.
OrderByPopularity - Sort by package results by popularity. Available in
ApprovedOnly - Only return approved packages - this option will filter
out results not from the community repository. Available in 0.9.10+.
--download-cache, --download-cache-only
DownloadCacheAvailable - Only return packages that have a download cache
available - this option will filter out results not from the community
repository. Available in 0.9.10+.
NotBroken - Only return packages that are not failing testing - this
option only filters out failing results from the community feed. It will
not filter against other sources. Available in 0.9.10+.
--detail, --detailed
Detailed - Alias for verbose. Available in 0.9.10+.
PS C:\Windows\system32>
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