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Created September 7, 2016 07:02
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package spray.examples
import scala.util.{Success, Failure}
import scala.concurrent.duration._
import akka.pattern.ask
import akka.event.Logging
import spray.json.{JsonFormat, DefaultJsonProtocol}
import spray.can.Http
import spray.httpx.SprayJsonSupport
import spray.client.pipelining._
import spray.util._
case class Elevation(location: Location, elevation: Double)
case class Location(lat: Double, lng: Double)
case class GoogleApiResult[T](status: String, results: List[T])
object ElevationJsonProtocol extends DefaultJsonProtocol {
implicit val locationFormat = jsonFormat2(Location)
implicit val elevationFormat = jsonFormat2(Elevation)
implicit def googleApiResultFormat[T :JsonFormat] = jsonFormat2(GoogleApiResult.apply[T])
object Main extends App {
// we need an ActorSystem to host our application in
implicit val system = ActorSystem("simple-spray-client")
import system.dispatcher // execution context for futures below
val log = Logging(system, getClass)"Requesting the elevation of Mt. Everest from Googles Elevation API...")
import ElevationJsonProtocol._
import SprayJsonSupport._
val pipeline = sendReceive ~> unmarshal[GoogleApiResult[Elevation]]
val responseFuture = pipeline {
responseFuture onComplete {
case Success(GoogleApiResult(_, Elevation(_, elevation) :: _)) =>"The elevation of Mt. Everest is: {} m", elevation)
case Success(somethingUnexpected) =>
log.warning("The Google API call was successful but returned something unexpected: '{}'.", somethingUnexpected)
case Failure(error) =>
log.error(error, "Couldn't get elevation")
def shutdown(): Unit = {
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