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Created Dec 28, 2013
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JSKoans errors
module("About Numbers (topics/about_numbers.js)");
test("types", function() {
var typeOfIntegers = typeof(6);
var typeOfFloats = typeof(3.14159);
equal(true, typeOfIntegers === typeOfFloats, 'are ints and floats the same type?');
equal("number", typeOfIntegers, 'what is the javascript numeric type?');
equal(1, 1.0, 'what is a integer number equivalent to 1.0?');
test("NaN", function() {
var resultOfFailedOperations = 7/'apple';
equal(true, isNaN(resultOfFailedOperations), 'what will satisfy the equals assertion?');
equal(false, resultOfFailedOperations == NaN, 'is NaN == NaN?');
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