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Mardav Wala wiinci

  • Atlanta, GA
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A simple animated clock icon made to delight MailChimp users (and folks like Adam). On load and refresh, the clock adjusts to the current time.

Thanks to all involved:

  • Thierry’s tweet started it all
  • Eric and Federico got the ball rolling
  • Guan gave a quick Dojo widget walk-through for use across MailChimp
  • Alvaro noticed that the hour-hand wasn’t right and scaleBetweenHours helped solve that
  • Caleb designed the previously static clock icon

wiinci / 2015-aqi.csv
Last active Nov 24, 2015
2015 Air Quality Index
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State Code,County Code,Site Num,Parameter Code,POC,Latitude,Longitude,Datum,Parameter Name,Sample Duration,Pollutant Standard,Metric Used,Units of Measure,Observation Count,Observation Percent,Arithmetic Mean,Arithmetic Standard Dev,1st Max Value,1st Max DateTime,2nd Max Value,2nd Max DateTime,3rd Max Value,3rd Max DateTime,4th Max Value,4th Max DateTime,99th Percentile,98th Percentile,95th Percentile,90th Percentile,75th Percentile,50th Percentile,10th Percentile,Local Site Name,Address,State Name,County Name,City Name,Date of Last Change
1,73,23,68103,5,33.553056,-86.815,WGS84,Ambient Min Temperature,24 HOUR,,Observed Values,Degrees Centigrade,22,18,2.554545,5.751582,14.7,2015-03-10 00:00,12.3,2015-01-03 00:00,10.3,2015-03-01 00:00,10,2015-02-08 00:00,14.7,14.7,12.3,10.3,8.8,1.7,-3.4,North Birmingham,"NO. B'HAM,SOU R.R., 3009 28TH ST. NO.",Alabama,Jefferson,Birmingham,2015-06-10
1,73,23,68104,5,33.553056,-86.815,WGS84,Ambient Max Temperature,24 HOUR,,Observed Values,Degrees Centigrade,22,18,14.172727,6.4182
wiinci / .block
Last active Mar 10, 2016 — forked from mbostock/.block
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license: gpl-3.0
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