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Three talk proposal from Matthias Günther
# Your first year in Legacy Code
Working in heavy Legacy Code with no structure is challenging. If you really want to improve yourself in such an "hostile" environment,
you need the right tools and strategies.
In this talk I will cover:
- what I learned during my first year working in the IT business.
- big victories against simple
- sometimes you just have to give up
- methods to save your mind from getting insane
- we are all sitting in the same boat, let's do the best to stay above the water
Learn better ways to do this. This talk is about my own experience in working such a project that will help you to become a better
programmer (or at least save your mind from freaking out).
# Beer Driven Development
Grab several bottle of beers and start programming - that's what I did. This talk will explain how beer can boost your
productivity when solving hard problems. It is no joke, if drink a certain amount of beer, something will change in your mind.
After the talk wen can test put the facts of this talk into practice.
# Pomodoro for Open Source
You know the constraints: Day job, time for your family, urge to hack, visiting the local user group, and
start a new project about the latest rocket science technology you need to learn. There is never enough
time for all this stuff at once. This talk will present the time management method, called Pomodoro. Learn
how to work timeboxed, get rid of distractions, focus on a single task for 25 minutes, and relax for
couple of minutes to free your mind. We all love Open Source work and Pomodoro will help you to hack
on your beloved babies in a timeboxed way to get more done in less time.
## Matthias Günther
When Günther is not working as a developer at [MyHammer](, he spends his free time
[visiting hacking events](,
[painting small figures](,
running for his health, organizing ruby conferences like [eurucamp 2012](,
and experimenting with making delicious cakes. He lives in Berlin.
![Profile picture](
- [My website](
- [My twitter](
- [Past talk slides & video](
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