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Matthias Günther wikimatze

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wikimatze / show.haml
Last active Oct 14, 2018
padrino blog tutorial show.haml
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%h3.title.article-title= @post.title
.tags.has-addons.level-item time_ago_in_words(@post.created_at || + ' ago'
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project :test => :rspec, :orm => :activerecord
generate 'model', 'account username:string password:string'
generate 'model', 'post title:string body:text'
generate 'controller', 'posts get:index get:new post:new'
generate 'controller', 'users get:index'
generate 'migration', 'AddEmailToAccount email:string'
require_dependencies 'nokogiri'
git :init
git :add, "."
wikimatze /
Last active May 10, 2018
Example output for the blog-tutorial of Padrino for admin creation (
$ padrino g admin
force .components
create admin
exist admin
create admin/controllers/base.rb
create admin/controllers/sessions.rb
create public/admin
create public/admin/images/favicon.ico
create public/admin/images/font/FontAwesome.otf
create public/admin/images/font/fontawesome-webfont.eot
$ padrino g project blog-update -t rspec -e haml -c scss -s jquery -d sequel -b
create .gitignore
create config/apps.rb
create config/boot.rb
create public/favicon.ico
create public/images
create public/javascripts
create public/stylesheets
wikimatze /
Last active Dec 9, 2017
Browsing Padrino's Code Base With Ctags in Vim

Working effectively with ctags has always been a topic I missed for a long time because I was too lazy to invest time to learn about the it.

I was working on on my application and was constantly consulting Padrino's API doc in the browser. It would have been more effective if I can do the searching directly the Padrino's code on GitHub. Benefit I don't have to leave the terminal and can focus on my task.

What is ctags

ctags is a tool which make it easy for you to shift through in no time.

wikimatze / vimb_error.txt
Created Nov 11, 2017
Error when starting vimb 2.12
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Here is the stacktrace:
[fresh] [error] tables_open_display, glXQueryVersion returned False
[fresh] [error] tables_open_display, glXQueryVersion returned False
GNU gdb (Ubuntu 7.7.1-0ubuntu5~14.04.2) 7.7.1
Copyright (C) 2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
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wikimatze / vimfest2017.txt
Created Sep 21, 2017
The agenda for Vimfest 2017
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= 2017-09-22 Fri =
(Getting to know each other)
17-20h Hacking
20-23h Dinner + Drinks
= 2017-09-23 Sat =
10:00-10:10 Boarding
10:20-10:50 Daniel Siepmann: Writing NeoVim Plugins using Python Plugin