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Examples for how to query OMERO for Images based on pixel type of Map Annotations
import omero
from omero.gateway import BlitzGateway
conn = BlitzGateway('username', 'password', port=4064, host='')
# current group
group_id = conn.getEventContext().groupId
print('group_id', group_id)
# Use -1 for cross-group query
# Find Images by Pixel Type
params = omero.sys.ParametersI()
params.addString('value', 'uint8')
# pagination
offset = 0
limit = 100, limit)
query = """
select img from Image img
join fetch img.pixels as pixels
where pixels.pixelsType.value = :value
images = conn.getQueryService().findAllByQuery(query, params, conn.SERVICE_OPTS)
for img in images:
# Find Images by Key-Value pairs (map annotations)
params = omero.sys.ParametersI()
params.addString('key', 'Primary Antibody')
params.addString('value', 'ACA')
offset = 0
limit = 100, limit)
# Here we use 'projection' query to load specific values rather than whole objects
# This can be more performant, but here I'm using it based on Map-Annotation
# query examples in omero-mapr
query = """
select, from
ImageAnnotationLink ial
join ial.child a
join a.mapValue mv
join ial.parent image
where = :key and mv.value = :value"""
result = conn.getQueryService().projection(query, params, conn.SERVICE_OPTS)
for row in result:
print("Img ID: %s Name: %s" % (row[0].val, row[1].val))
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