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Created Oct 31, 2014
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note that with 9.4beta you will likely be forced to do a dump/restore to 9.4 stable when it comes out, and deprovision the beta database
~ ➤ heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:standard-0 --version 9.4 --app will
Adding heroku-postgresql:standard-0 on will... done, v397 ($50/mo)
The database should be available in 3-5 minutes.
! The database will be empty. If upgrading, you can transfer
! data from another database with pgbackups:restore.
Use `heroku pg:wait` to track status
! WARNING: Postgres 9.4 is in beta. Beta releases have
! a higher risk of data loss and downtime.
! Use with caution..
Use `heroku addons:docs heroku-postgresql` to view documentation.
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