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yig / JavaScript
Last active Jan 10, 2021
An overview of JavaScript best practices. Geared towards someone with a C/C++/Java/Python background.
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JavaScript reference for non-JavaScript programmers

Author: Yotam Gingold
License: Public Domain (CC0)

This document is intended as a reference or introduction to JavaScript for someone familiar with a language like C/C++/Java or Python. It follows best practices and gathers the scattered wisdom from matny stackoverflow questions and in-depth JavaScript essays. It relies on no external libraries.

rtomayko / optparse-template.rb
Last active Jan 19, 2020
Ruby optparse template
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
#/ Usage: <progname> [options]...
#/ How does this script make my life easier?
# ** Tip: use #/ lines to define the --help usage message.
$stderr.sync = true
require 'optparse'
# default options
flag = false
option = "default value"