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@willb willb/gist:1035680
Created Jun 20, 2011

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Example session with tagging support in the Wallaby client library
import wallaby
# the "tagging" module patches the Wallaby client library with
# support for tag operations
import tagging
# We'll start by setting up a Wallaby client library session against
# the broker on localhost
from qmf.console import Session
console = Session()
raw_store, = console.getObjects(_class="Store")
store = wallaby.Store(raw_store, console)
# call this method after the store client is initialized so that
# the tagging library knows how to create missing groups
# Clear out all of the memberships on a fake node
store.getNode("").modifyMemberships("REPLACE", [], {})
# After clearing a node's membership list, it will have no tags
# You can also access the tags of a given node via its "tags" attribute
# by convention, we're preceding tags with "@" here
store.getNode("").modifyTags("ADD", ["@Foo", "@Blitz"], create_missing_tags=True)
# This should return ["@Foo", "@Blitz"]
# This should return ["===TAGS_BELOW===", "@Foo", "@Blitz"]
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