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interface don't need to up when use bridge
williamherry | odd things, interface(em2) not up, but bridge on it work fine, can some one know the reason, what's interface 'UP' means? │ aaket504
tje2 | williamherry .. I don't believe the interface has to be "up" to *bridge* (read: NOT route), but to route packets (such as via MASQ/NAT, etc) the interface │ AAYUSH
| would have to be "UP". │ abbaZaba
melacon | Mohsen_Hassani:Oh ok. What operating system are you running on your PC? │ abchirk_
tje2 | williamherry .. Familiar at all w/ Cisco devices and the UP/UP vs. DOWN/DOWN states of those ifaces? │ aboudreault
Mohsen_Hassani | melacon, The same as my Laptop, Debian Sid. │ abyss
horse | morning chaps. Will a simple "yum update" update both packages and my kernel? (rhel 5 machine) │ AC`97
melacon | Mohsen_Hassani: Can you ssh to any other machine? │ aca20031
kanupatar | May I know "why we have the name RAM disk" ? │ aca_work_
Mohsen_Hassani | melacon, I don't have access to any other machines; │ AccessGranted
gry | horse: no, just packages ; "yum update --force" will also update kernel packages. │ aceofspades19
horse | thanks gry │ acrocity
horse | what about yum update all? │ acrocity_
williamherry | tje2: so, you mean, they don't need to up if they just use to bridge │ AcTiVaTe
tje2 | williamherry .. Yes, that's what I mean to say. :) Basically, since there's a physical (presumably electric) link, it can function as a bridge. But if │ ad_
| you want to actually examine packet/frame headers (for routing/firewall decisions, etc), then the interface must be up. │ adaam
tje2 | So, basically, if you stick to only layer 2 functionality, it should be fine.... The "UP", I would guess, refers to layer-3 functionality. │ adaptr
williamherry | tje2: I see, how about the bridge will route packets, interface don't need to up too? │ ader10
AccessGranted | nirvank0:7.2 # sudo cat /dev/urandom | /dev/snd/controlC1 │ Adiemus
AccessGranted | bash: /dev/snd/controlC1: Permission denied │ admboom
AccessGranted | Why │ AdmV0rl02
AccessGranted | I have some problems with sound on Linux Arch. │ adnauseam
tje2 | williamherry .. "bridging" != "routing". I think you're using the term "routing" incorrectly. Agreed, packets come in one interface and leave via │ AdrienG
| another....sounds enough like routing, but there are subtle nuances, such as if the layer 3 (IP-layer) header data is examined in determining what to do with │ afgdsgh
| the packet/frame (drop it, forward it out iface X, etc). │ ageis
williamherry | tje2: got it, thanks │ Ahnberg
tje2 | williamherry .. Unless you plan to go at least CCNA-level network admin (i.e., junior admin/engineer), it's probably not worth your time to really learn the │ akiress
| distinction.... But then again, most of us don't do this because we NEED to, we do because we WANT to. :)
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