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TickSpec AppInitializer.fs
namespace FsharpMvvmCross.UITests
open System
open System.IO
open Xamarin.UITest
open Xamarin.UITest.Queries
open NUnit.Framework
open TickSpec
open System.Reflection
open System.Runtime.ExceptionServices
module AppInitializer =
let mutable app: IApp = null
let droidProjectName = "Droid"
let apkName = "com.codingwithsam.FsharpMvvmCross.apk"
let apkPath = sprintf "../../../%s/bin/Debug/%s" droidProjectName apkName
let iOSProjectName = "iOS"
let ipaName = ""
let ipaPath = sprintf "../../../%s/bin/iPhoneSimulator/Debug/%s" iOSProjectName ipaName
let startApp (platform: Platform) =
if platform = Platform.Android then
.StartApp () :> IApp
// xcrun instruments -s devices
.StartApp () :> _
/// Class containing all BDD tests in current assembly as NUnit unit tests
type FeatureFixture () =
/// Test method for all BDD tests in current assembly as NUnit unit tests
member __.Bdd (scenario:Scenario) =
if scenario.Tags |> Seq.exists ((=) "ignore") then
raise (new IgnoreException("Ignored: " + scenario.ToString()))
let platform =
match scenario.Tags |> Seq.contains "android", scenario.Tags |> Seq.contains "ios" with
| true, true -> failwith "Can't run both ios and android. Check your spelling for the tags"
| false, false-> failwith "Must run with platform either ios or android. Add one of: @android, @ios, @android_ios"
| true, false -> Platform.Android
| false, true -> Platform.iOS <- AppInitializer.startApp platform
| ex ->
eprintf "Failed: %s\n%s" ex.Message ex.StackTrace
sprintf "Failed: %s\n%s" ex.Message ex.StackTrace |> Console.WriteLine
raise ex
/// All test scenarios from feature files in current assembly
static member Scenarios =
let enhanceScenarioName parameters scenarioName =
let replaceParameterInScenarioName (scenarioName:string) parameter =
scenarioName.Replace("<" + fst parameter + ">", snd parameter)
|> Seq.fold replaceParameterInScenarioName scenarioName
let splitTags (tags: string[]) =
|> (fun x -> x.Split("_"))
|> Array.concat
|> (fun x -> x.Replace("_", "").Trim().ToLower())
let isPlatform (name:string) tags (scenario:Scenario) feature =
if tags |> Seq.contains (name.ToLower()) then
let scenario =
{scenario with
Name = scenario.Name |> sprintf "%s: %s" name
Tags = tags |> Array.filter (fun x -> x = (name.ToLower())) }
(new TestCaseData(scenario))
.SetName(enhanceScenarioName scenario.Parameters scenario.Name)
.SetProperty("Feature", feature.Name.Substring(9))
.SetCategory(name) |> Some
else None
let createTestCaseData (feature:Feature) (scenario:Scenario) =
let tags = splitTags scenario.Tags
[isPlatform "Android"; isPlatform "iOS"]
|> List.choose (fun f -> f tags scenario feature)
|> Seq.foldBack (fun (tag:string) tests ->
tests |> (fun data -> data.SetProperty("Tag", tag))) scenario.Tags
let createFeatureData (feature:Feature) =
|> (createTestCaseData feature)
|> Seq.concat
let assembly = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly()
let definitions = new StepDefinitions(assembly.GetTypes())
|> Seq.filter (fun (n:string) -> n.EndsWith(".feature") )
|> Seq.collect (fun n ->
definitions.GenerateFeature(n, assembly.GetManifestResourceStream(n))
|> createFeatureData)
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