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class SearchIndexWithTags extends SolrSearchIndex
public function init()
public function getFieldDefinitions()
$xml = parent::getFieldDefinitions();
$xml .= "\n\t\t<field name='SiteTree_TagID' type='tint' indexed='true' stored='false' multiValued='true' />";
return $xml;
protected function _addAs($object, $base, $options)
$includeSubs = $options['include_children'];
$doc = new Apache_Solr_Document();
$doc->setField('_documentid', $this->getDocumentID($object, $base, $includeSubs));
$doc->setField('ID', $object->ID);
$doc->setField('ClassName', $object->ClassName);
foreach (SearchIntrospection::hierarchy(get_class($object), false) as $class) {
$doc->addField('ClassHierarchy', $class);
foreach ($this->getFieldsIterator() as $name => $field) {
if ($field['base'] == $base) {
$this->_addField($doc, $object, $field);
// add each of the tags on the page on
foreach($object->Tags() as $tag) {
$doc->addField('SiteTree_TagID', $tag->ID);
try {
} catch (Exception $e) {
SS_Log::log($e, SS_Log::WARN);
return false;
return $doc;
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