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A function I made that wraps the node http.request function to make it a little more friendly. In my case I am using it for API route testing.
// module dependencies
var http = require('http'),
url = require('url');
* UrlReq - Wraps the http.request function making it nice for unit testing APIs.
* @param {string} reqUrl The required url in any form
* @param {object} options An options object (this is optional)
* @param {Function} cb This is passed the 'res' object from your request
exports.urlReq = function(reqUrl, options, cb){
if(typeof options === "function"){ cb = options; options = {}; }// incase no options passed in
// parse url to chunks
reqUrl = url.parse(reqUrl);
// http.request settings
var settings = {
host: reqUrl.hostname,
port: reqUrl.port || 80,
path: reqUrl.pathname,
headers: options.headers || {},
method: options.method || 'GET'
// if there are params:
options.params = JSON.stringify(options.params);
settings.headers['Content-Type'] = 'application/json';
settings.headers['Content-Length'] = options.params.length;
var req = http.request(settings);
// if there are params: write them to the request
if(options.params){ req.write(options.params) };
// when the response comes back
req.on('response', function(res){
res.body = '';
// concat chunks
res.on('data', function(chunk){ res.body += chunk });
// when the response has finished
res.on('end', function(){
// fire callback
cb(res.body, res);
// end the request
// Simple Example (defaults to GET)
mylib.urlReq('http://mysite.local:82/newUser', function(body, res){
// do your stuff
// More complex Example 2
mylib.urlReq('http://mysite.local:82/newUser', {
method: 'POST',
name: 'Tester',
email: '',
password: 'password'
}, function(body, res){
// do your stuff

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@onderozcan onderozcan commented Sep 25, 2013

good article ! btw I have a node service that provides Instant messaging as http socket . Also when users offline , it sends users message to the destination user mobile phone as recognised device token which i added function to post source user nickname and message in order to http post to Apple Push Notification service. First I initialise node, it successful post APN and message delivers to phone . After a while ( approx 2-3 min later ) node stops to push data to APN with http protocol. I just followed via console , i put some debug console.log , but nothing run in Node ...

I really stuck on that issue :/


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@09silverware 09silverware commented Sep 8, 2016

I have to thank you for this code. It works absolutely perfectly, and vastly simplifies sending http queries.

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