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Created February 5, 2017 19:05
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if (/^\.ninja (.+)/) {
$irivi = lc($1);
$irivi =~ tr/ÅÄÖ/åäö/;
$irivi =~ tr/åäöéèü/aaoeeu/;
$irivi =~ s/[^a-z\- ]//g;
$irivi =~ s/\s+$//;
$irivi =~ s/\s\s/ /g;
%ninjanames = qw( a KA b ZU c MI d TE e KU f LU g JI h RI i KI j ZU
k ME l TA m RIN n TO o MO p NO q KE r SHI s ARI
t CHI u DO v RU w MEI x NA y FU z ZI );
for (keys %ninjanames) {
$irivi =~ s/$_/$ninjanames{$_}/g;
$irivi .= "!";
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